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Our 123 Team

Our 123AppDesign.com Team is built on diversity of strengths and talents brought together by a passion to create and develop top-quality custom applications to meet the growing needs of today's businesses with their own unique challenges, and the lightning speed of the ever changing technologies used to support them. Either click the link below to contact us or view the "Team Experience" section below to gain a better understanding of what we've done and what we are capable of doing.

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Terms Team Experience  
Our development team has a combined experience of over 35 years defining, creating and delivering custom applications for a variety of needs. From simple websites to complex custom applications, our team is capable of handling your programming needs. Below is a brief overview of what our team experience entails:

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- Email Marketing
- Converting internal / in-house legacy systems to various platforms
- Developing and integrating with third party programs to create and automate credit card billing systems
- Designing / developing customer interfaces for content management solutions and ecommerce systems.
- Dynamic form generation
- Designing and implementing management systems that included one or more of the following:
  • Generated quotes for customers
  • Created and tracked job items
  • Tracked employee time for individual job items
  • Produced payroll reports
  • Generated pre-defined job alerts
  • Created and tracked internal messages
  • Tracked order history
  • Managed users and their corresponding groups and roles
  • Managed product related information for ecommerce products
  • Managed news related information
  • Inventory control & tracking
  • - And much, much more. Please feel free to contact 123AppDesign.com today to discuss your project!
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